ATD Provides Refurbished Computers for Community College Students in Portland, OR

As community colleges moved to remote instruction, it became apparent that many students lacked access to the technology needed to access their courses and remain connected to their colleges’ advising and support teams. This is especially true for many students in Gateway to College program, a majority of whom come from low-income families. Access to technology is critical to their ability to stay in school during the pandemic.

At the end of March, Nick Mathern, Vice President of K-12 Partnerships who works in ATD’s West Coast Office, saw a request from Portland Community College, asking the community to support the purchase of laptops for student use. With the help from ATD’s IT team, five computers were delivered to Gateway to College program directors at Portland Community College and Mt. Hood Community College, outside of Portland. The program staff at each institution delivered laptops to students quarantined in their homes so that they could continue their studies.

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