We can help you drive change and promote student success. Gateway to College has more than 10 years of experience providing innovative educational programs for students across the country. Our consulting services help educators and institutions implement effective programs within community colleges.

We work with institutional leaders and administrators, faculty members, student service professionals, and public education agencies to develop programs, processes, and curricula that encourage student engagement and holistic student support. Through our work, we help build institutional capacity to better serve students so that more young people attain college credentials.


PDX Bridge propels Portland area foster, juvenile justice, and homeless youth onto a pathway from high school to and through college. ATD is convening state agencies, public school districts, and alternative secondary education programs in this collaborative project to provide these students a comprehensive bridge from high school to first-year college completion.


In 2016, we launched Gateway to Career, which is focused on improving career readiness activities (resume building, soft skills training, job shadows, etc.), enhancing student career pathways, and cultivating relationships with workforce stakeholders in the communities of our Gateway to College programs. The overarching goal of this project is to align regional workforce efforts with Gateway to College programs and improve the career readiness of Gateway to College students by the time they graduate.


We piloted Pathways in 2015-2016 in Washington state with positive results. Since that time, nearly half of Gateway to College programs have implemented the intervention. Through Pathways, we work with student support staff using a hands-on, train-the-trainer approach that equips staff with the skills to deliver this curriculum to their students. Participants receive a training manual and post-training support to ensure successful implementation.